The official description:
With the invention of the AfterNet, death isn’t quite the end to a literary career it once was, and Jane Austen, the grande dame of English literature, is poised for a comeback with the publication of Sanditon, the book she was writing upon her death in 1817. But how does a disembodied author sign autographs and appear on talk shows? With the aid of Mary Crawford, a struggling acting student who plays the role of the Regency author who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Emma and Sense and Sensibility. But Austen discovers her second chance at a literary career also gives her a second chance at happiness and possibly even … love.

Short, misleading description:
Jane Austen’s ghost finishes Sanditon, the book she was writing just before her death, goes on a book tour to promote it, meets Colin Firth, speaks at the Annual General Meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America and finally finds love with a fellow ghost.

Long, complicated description:
The disembodied entity known in life as Jane Austen is just one of the billions of disembodied representing everyone who’s ever died since the dawn of mankind. Thanks to a discovery shortly before the end of the millenium, the disembodied can now communicate with one another and with the living via the Internet.

Thanks to this technology, Austen is finally able to write down Sanditon, find an agent, prove her identity and get her book published. Unknownst to her, however, not everyone believes she is the one and only Jane Austen and at the moment of her greatest triumph, she’s going to have prove once again that she is the Regency author who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. At the same time, she has to realize that the man she’s been corresponding with for almost a decade, is more than just a friend to her.

Click here for more information about Jane Austen and here for more information about the afterlife.

This is the second book about the AfterNet, following Good Cop, Dead Cop, which has almost nothing to do with this book, except that it takes place in the same world where the dead can go online.

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