Some nice reviews for Jane, Actually

Meredith Esparza at Austenesque Reviews has posted an interview with me and will run a review of Jane, Actually tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 11). She warned me she had a reputation for asking tough questions, but they proved tougher than expected because I wanted to avoid sounding like I begrudged Austen her greatness. The thing is, I lived with Jane for more than a year and know I don’t want to get on her bad side.

There are also new five-star reviews at amazon. From Louise Currie:

This was a fun read – I loved the whole concept of the disembodied and the Afternet, and the author has done a thorough job in thinking through all aspects of it and making it believable and consistent.

And from Jaylia3:

This is a longish book with lots of characters, points of view, and plot lines, but the characters, including Austen, are complex, interesting and mostly endearing, the story is riveting, especially in its latter chapters, and easy to follow, and the imagined world is fascinating and a joy to inhabit.

And from Jane Greensmith, author of Intimations of Austen, who’d earlier reviewed the book on her own blog:

The plot was fun and the characters engaging, but I think I most enjoyed just seeing the whole Austen industry from inside the fishbowl. I always say that Trekkies have nothing on Janeites and this book just goes to prove it.

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