Buy Jane, Actually in print from Amazon; get the Kindle copy free

match-bookJane Austen is, of course, an avid e-book reader, but she does remember the thrill of holding her first printed copy of Sense and Sensibility, all those years ago. You too can have the enjoyment of holding a printed edition of Jane, Actually or Jane Jane Austen’s Book Tour, but until today, you had to pay extra for the convenience of being able to also read Jane, Actually as an e-book.

Thanks to Amazon Kindle MatchBook*, however, readers who buy the print edition of Jane, Actually can now download a free digital copy of the book. It will behave just like a regular e-book and will appear in your Kindle library, whether you’re reading it on your Mac or PC or smartphone or tablet. The only thing your Kindle MatchBook copy can’t do is sync where you left off reading the physical copy, at least not until Amazon releases that implantable chip.

Amazon’s new program is a welcome boon to physical book readers who’d still like the occasional convenience of reading an e-book. Potentially any book you’ve bought from Amazon might now be bundled with an e-book, even books you’ve bought in the past. It’s up to individual publishers to activate the offer and set the price of the e-book. Mallard Press, the publisher of Jane, Actually, is offering the bundled e-book for free.

For a limited time†, Mallard Press will be doing Amazon one better. No matter where you bought your physical copy of Jane, Actually—from Barnes & Noble or even a real bookstore—you can receive a free e-book copy. Just provide reasonable proof of purchase—a receipt or a photo of you holding your book—to qualify. Fill out this form to start the process:

* The program officially starts in October but is retroactive. If you buy the print book today from Amazon, you’ll have to wait until next month to download the free e-book.
† Offer good until it proves too difficult to fulfill.

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